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Using AI to Close the Global Educational Gap

Founded in 2020 in Cape Town, South Africa, FoondaMate is a dynamic startup revolutionizing education. Co-founded by Dacod Magagula (CEO/CTO) and Tao Laine Boyle, Foondamate has developed an AI chatbot platform that empowers high-school students, primarily in emerging markets where WhatsApp (and Facebook Messenger) is widely used and accessible.

FoondaMate isn’t just a chatbot but a study companion, providing immediate answers to questions, access to revision papers, and guidance in crafting responses. Since its launch, it has impacted over 3 million students worldwide, using 10 languages across 30 countries.

They are on a mission to localize its learning materials for even broader reach and aspires to fuel its platform’s growth to exceed 50 million users. Originally launched to transform how African students study, FoondaMate has surpassed borders, evolving into a global tool that empowers students in every corner of the world.

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