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Accelerating Africa's shift to Renewables

Africa is taking strides towards a cleaner, more sustainable future with the launch of the first phase of the Africa Energy Transition Catalyst Program (AETC). Backed by a $7.88 million grant from the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA), this initiative aims to significantly boost renewable energy generation by integrating large-scale renewable energy projects at both national and regional levels.

With a focus on revolutionizing the continent’s energy landscape, the program consolidates the African Development Bank’s support for the acceleration of a Just Energy transition (JET) for Africa, defined as a low-carbon transition that is fair, inclusive, creates valuable work opportunities and leaves no one behind. Over two phases, the AETC consolidates six identified energy transition projects.

At the heart of the AETC lies the Mega Solar Initiative, a collaborative effort involving Power Africa, the governments of Botswana and Namibia, and key international financial institutions. In its first phase, this initiative seeks to procure 300-500 megawatts of solar power in Namibia and Botswana, paving the way for further regional collaboration and economic development. Beyond energy production, the program sets a precedent for substantial solar development, driving technology transfer, job creation, and capacity building across African industries.

The program’s impact extends far beyond energy generation, shaping a comprehensive blueprint for Africa’s sustainable future. Through collaboration with the African Energy Commission, it formulates a Continental Energy Transition Framework and Roadmap, guiding the continent towards greener energy solutions. From financing feasibility studies for offshore wind sites to developing robust energy transition investment plans, the AETC signifies Africa’s broader ambition for a just and sustainable energy transition, fueled by strategic action and transformative change.

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