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A Sustainable Model for Urban Farming

Inspired by rising food prices in Lesotho, Mochesane Mpali founded Lema Agrivest in 2021 to address urban food insecurity. Specializing in hydroponics, Lema Agrivest enables organic plant cultivation without soil by carefully controlling nutrient and water levels, ensuring optimal yields. This innovative approach requires 90% less water and space than traditional farming, making it viable even in drought-prone areas while also minimizing environmental impact with a low carbon footprint.

Lema Agrivest offers a range of services including hydroponic system design and installation, farmer training, and direct sales of produce to restaurants, retail stores, and individual consumers. Their innovative rent-to-buy model provides farmers easy access to hydroponic equipment and a hassle-free way to market their produce.

With a focus on community engagement, Lema Agrivest has conducted over 100 hydroponic training sessions and 40 school presentations to promote awareness of hydroponic farming benefits. These efforts not only fight climate change and food insecurity but also highlight Mpali’s dedication to leveraging hydroponics to create social and environmental change in Lesotho and Africa at large.


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