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Using AI for Agricultural Innovation

Meet Omishtu-Joy, an agri-tech startup empowering smallholder farmers and transforming Ethiopian agriculture with AI-powered soil testing devices.

Within 10 minutes, the device measures soil fertility parameters and the data is sent to their mobile app for analysis, guiding farmers on the best crops to cultivate on their land for optimal yield. Currently, Omishtu-Joy is helping 5,000+ farmers make informed decisions on crop cultivation and fertilization.

With a fast and affordable solution, they’re now partnering with the Ministry of Agriculture to promote better soil fertility management nationwide. Aiming to reach 10,000+ farmers and collaborating with the Cooperative Bank of Oromia, they're expanding into financial services, credit facilities, and insurance offerings for smallholders.

Omishtu-Joy was recently named as a finalist for the upcoming 2023 East Africa Com Awards. The startup was founded by Tigabu Abraham CEO), Henok Ambaye (CMO), and Abdiwak Bekele (CTO), electrical and computer engineering graduates from Jimma University.

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