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Helping Businesses With Global Shipping

Topship Africa has successfully secured $2.5 million in seed funding from a combination of institutional and individual investors, marking a significant step towards its mission of streamlining shipping processes for African businesses. The funding infusion will be instrumental in optimizing the platform, already facilitating cargo shipments for 1,500 businesses from Nigeria to over 150 nations.

The company caters to a diverse user base, acting as a versatile shipping solution for local and international needs, including merchants moving heavy equipment, solo entrepreneurs sending parcels, students mailing documents abroad, and Gen Z shoppers making purchases from foreign stores.

With over 300 recurring merchants, Topship is growing at a rate of 20% month-on-month, expanding its footprint with eight fulfillment centers in Nigeria and establishing over 30 active partners in its global network. So far, Topship has opened eight fulfilment centres in Nigeria, and has over 30 active partners in its global network. Co-founded by Moses Enenwali (CEO) and Junaid Babatunde (CTO), the company envisions making shipping to and from Africa as effortless as booking an Uber or Airbnb.

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