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Ethiopia's First VC-Backed Incubator

weVenture, a newly established venture-capital backed incubator and accelerator in Ethiopia, is on a mission to nurture entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. By offering capital, networks, and quality technical assistance, it’s set to spark significant growth. Founders Noel Daniel and Makeda Tsegaye have rallied a powerful network of industry leaders, investors, and seasoned professionals to back their vision.

weVenutre is set to assist at least eight startups by year’s end through its comprehensive incubation and acceleration program, focusing particularly on ventures that tackle Ethiopia’s pressing challenges. weVenture aims to equip these startups with the necessary tools to bring their innovative ideas to life.

Ethiopian business leaders and investors are applauding weVenture as a critical step for the nation’s rapid development. According to a JICA report, while many Ethiopian startups are in their nascent stages, only 23% progress beyond the early phases. weVenture aims to change that, promising robust support for these emerging businesses.

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