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Bridging the Gap in Health Care

Lifeline Addis is spearheading the availability of home-based healthcare services for patients in Ethiopia.

Founded by Drs. Solomon Desalegn, Yonas Kifle, and Kaleab Getachew, the company has rapidly emerged as a leading force in Ethiopian home health care within just four years. Today, the Lifeline team boasts three full-time general practitioners, 17 dedicated nurses, and an array of psychotherapists. Additionally, they collaborate with 50 health professionals who offer their expertise on-demand, embodying the modern gig economy.

Through its partnership with the Mesirat program, Lifeline Addis aspires not just to be a health service but also a major employment driver as a premier health gig platform, targeting the creation of 10,000 jobs in the sector. With comprehensive care packages, from managing chronic diseases to preventive wellness, and amenities like pharmacy services and essential medical equipment, Lifeline Addis is redefining patient care at the comfort of one's home.

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