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The Goat Café: A New-School Concept to Coffee

Meet the café that's disrupting the mainstream coffee consumption in Ethiopia and giving the traditional coffee culture a unique new twist.

The Goat Café offers the first local delivery service for coffee in Addis and has a wide range of coffee creations that appeal to young and upcoming coffee drinkers. The start-up is also a coffee distributor, supplying supermarkets, embassies, restaurants, and other local retail channels.

Alongside the coffee business, they have developed a natural skin-care line based on coffee. The Goat Café has a special focus on sustainability: with organic and fair-trade coffee, as well as a brilliant way to reduce waste.

At the moment the Goat Café can be found in three locations in Addis Ababa with a plan to expand to 5 East African countries by 2023. Established in 2019, the coffee chain was founded by Nahom Michael and Alexander Hizikias.

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