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Tech Collaboration for Developers

Stackshare is becoming a go-to platform for numerous players in the startup ecosystem🔌

Air BnB, Dropbox, Spotify and other major companies are allowing their developers to publicly share what software they use and how they use them, through the StackShare platform.

It's the fastest growing community for SaaS tools, with over one million developers, engineers, CTOs, and VPEs regularly using StackShare to make tech decisions and discover the best software tools.

Yonas had the idea for StackShare after working in IT strategy consulting at Accenture. The job gave him insight into how large companies made decisions about technology and software and he felt the process could be improved for large and small companies as well as start-ups with a professional directory for developers.

Initially starting as a side project on a WordPress blog, StackShare has now managed to raise $7 million from firms including 500 Startups.

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