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Swoove: Automating Logistics in Africa

Swoove is a startup revolutionizing logistics operations in emerging markets by automating the delivery process, enabling businesses to boost efficiency and reduce costs by up to 40%. Their cutting-edge software platform not only brings logistics players together but also paves the way for businesses to digitize and expand operations, facilitating a continent-wide reach.

Kwaku Tabiri, the CEO of Swoove, highlighted the challenges faced by businesses in Africa, where delivery costs can range from 35-55% of the product cost due to weak infrastructure, limited delivery options, and poor supply chain analytics. Launched in 2018. Swoove’s platform counters these issues by offering streamlined, tech-driven logistics solutions. By 2023, the firm refined its focus with Swoove360, targeting logistics-intensive business in sectors like agriculture and manufacturing to offer more specialized support.

The Ghanaian startup has impressively served thousands of businesses, managing over 200,000 package deliveries. After winning first place and a $15,000 grant at the MEST Express early-stage accelerator, it further secured $120,000 in grant funding from Catalyst Fund. Beyond dominating the Accra market, Swoove has expanded its operations to Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, and Lebanon, with plans to reach even more regions.

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