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Supporting Women's Employment

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

With an 80% female staff, Kabana Leather is focused on creating meaningful employment opportunities for women and contribution to Ethiopia's economical prosperity.

In addition to empowering women, the company sources 92% of its materials locally

and uses sustainable processes to create its products.

Kabana was first conceptualized in 2012, when the founder Semhal Guesh was

studying at university. Filled with love for design and equipped with the ability to

build things as an architect, she established Kabana Leather in 2017 and started to

create handmade leather products.

In about four years, the company has made tremendous strides, offering

customers the opportunity to experience high-quality Ethiopian leather, fashion,

and durable products. It started by selling about 14,000 leather items in 2018 and

nearly doubled that number the following year. The next big step of the enterprise

is to expand its sales on the African continent and European market in 2021.

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