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Supporting Ethiopia’s Entrepreneurs

Meda Garage is a new competitive financing and technical program to support founders and developers so that their ideas can take flight and scale.

This program will help accelerate product development and give developers the technology, business, and marketing support needed to create and launch applications in a short time, at less cost and reach hundreds of thousands of users.

Entrepreneurs, content creators, and developers can apply to be part of Meda Garage’s first cohort until February 2022. Meda Garage was developed in partnership between 360 Ground and 1888EC, and is powered by Ethio Telecom (Telebirr).

“Developers will be given financial and technical support for one year. In the end, when they launch their Mini app on our platform, they will have over 200k users waiting for them,” said Biruk Hailu, founder and Managing Director of 360Ground.

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