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Promoting Positivity African Stories

Yenaé is an online, luxury jewelry brand that combines high fashion and storytelling to present jewelry pieces featuring deeply-rooted elements from diverse African cultures. Their current collections showcase the cultures and heritage of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Beyond creating exquisite jewelry, Yenaé focuses on telling an organically African story to change the perception and narrative of the continent at large, to showcase Africa in a positive light. These elements can be seen not only in the jewelry itself but also in the gift packaging, which includes the design inspiration story obtained by working with historians and storytellers.

Yenaé was born out of the shared experiences of the brand’s two female Ethiopian-American co-founders and long-time friends, Seble Alemayehu and Felekech (Fei) Biratu. After traveling the globe, earning MBA degrees and living in different areas in the US, they learned the magnitude of the lack of awareness of Africa, especially in a positive light, and were motivated to transform their love for jewelry into a brand that highlighted diverse African heritages.

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