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Promoting Nutrition & Healthy Living

Betelhem Lakew is a professional nutritionist, food scientist, and co-founder of BeNu Foods; a social enterprise that aims to tackle malnutrition in Ethiopia by producing nutritious, high-protein BeNu biscuits for kids and adults.

According to recent results from a top laboratory, BeNu's product provides an entire day's worth of protein for a child and just about half the calories needed in a day. Additionally, Betelhem and her co-founder Amen Temesgen produce BeNu's biscuits using raw materials from local farmers.

Betelhem is also the founder and CEO of a Nutrition counseling company, LeHem Nutrition Counseling plc., where she provides nutrition and healthy living-related coaching and counseling to people dealing with weight loss or weight gain, chronic medical conditions, pregnant women, children, and individuals facing various nutrition-related problems.

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