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Powering Over 3 Million Businesses

Ranked as Africa’s second-fastest growing company, Moniepoint has emerged as a comprehensive digital financial platform catering to businesses in emerging markets since 2019. With its cutting-edge technology, Moniepoint has empowered over 3 million businesses by providing them with essential payment, banking, credit, and business management tools necessary for their success. Regardless of their digital literacy level, Moniepoint aims to fuel the aspirations of businesses by equipping them with the financial technology tools needed for growth.

Dominating the market, Moniepoint currently handles the majority of Point of Sale (POS) transactions in Nigeria, processing an annualized transaction volume surpassing $170 billion. This achievement solidifies Moniepoint’s position as Africa’s largest FinTech platform by transaction volume, underlining its reach and operational prowess.

With Moniepoint’s robust infrastructure, it has established Nigeria’s most extensive distribution network for financial services, becoming the leading agency banking solution in the country. Processing up to $7 billion monthly in over 120 million transactions, Moniepoint has become the cornerstone of financial services in areas where traditional banking infrastructure is lacking. As the definitive banking solution for businesses in Nigeria and their clientele, millions rely on Moniepoint’s products to fuel business growth and manage personal finances.

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