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Lem Chaka: Sustainable Waste Solutions

Transforming waste into opportunity, Lem Chaka is leading the way in sustainable solutions.

Founded by Gabriel Yared Gobezie, Sihine Negede, and Yayehyirad Gezu, this innovative enterprise turns food waste into organic fertilizer. With a mission to build a circular economy in the agricultural industry, Lem Chaka empowers gardeners, farmers, and the general public through their eco-conscious efforts. In 2022 alone, their efforts resulted in a remarkable 191,960 kgs of recycled food waste!

Collaborating with prominent clients like the Hilton Hotel, Lem Chaka has notably enhanced cleanliness in Addis Ababa and aims to broaden its reach. With an average monthly collection of 10 tons of pre-sorted kitchen waste, Lem Chaka closes the loop by selling their high-quality compost back into the market.

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