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Kushineta Skate: Ethiopia’s Skateboard Pioneers

Kushineta is a skateboard pioneer start-up that helped build the local skateboard scene in Addis Ababa. Also, they produce and sell skateboards, streetwear and offer skate lessons at an affordable rate.

Founded by four passionate skateboarders, Kushineta is the first licensed Ethiopian manufacturer of skateboards, skateboarding apparel and locally manufactured streetwear for the young skate community.

With the skateboard scene in Africa rapidly growing, and Ethiopia already having a large skate scene, Kushineta saw the opportunity to produce and one day distribute skateboards and streetwear to the growing African market.

Kushineta’s focus is to empower kids by giving them access to affordable skateboards, training and skateparks, thus allowing them to practice and gain skills. They also provide an opportunity for them to learn a new sport and extracurricular activity, in turn building confidence and empowering youth.

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