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Kiya Tadele: Storytelling Through NFTs

Led by Kiya Tadele, Yatreda (ያጥሬዳ) is a family of artists in Ethiopia creating in the style of tizita and celebrating Ethiopian history with NFTs. They also established the House of Yatreda, Ethiopia’s first gallery in the Metaverse.

Yatreda recently unveiled a new NFT art series dedicated to the diversity and power of African hair, titled Strong Hair, which is their largest series to date. With blockchain-powered NFTs, the collective is using stunning imagery to tell the story of their history and culture, and ensuring that it is preserved for future generations.

Kiya, the leader of the collective, is involved in all aspects including photography, modeling, casting, and organizing Yatreda’s productions. The group is made up of her sisters Roman and Suzy Tadele, her husband Joey Lawrence, and friends Tigist and Abiy, with each person playing a unique and important role.

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