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Jemla: Empowering Informal Retailers

Jemla, a visionary B2B platform, is transforming the marketplace into a sustainable and inclusive ecosystem, benefiting retailers, manufacturers, importers, and consumers alike.

Focused on empowering informal retailers, Jemla facilitates easy access to essential consumer goods and digital financial services. By enabling these informal retailers to order fast-moving consumer goods through a mobile app, Jemla aims to uplift their livelihoods while extending market reach for manufacturers and importers.

The tech-driven distribution platform already boasts over 10,000 registered retail outlets in Addis Ababa and has partnered with multinationals, local suppliers and financial institutions. Co-founded by Estaphanos Zewdie (CEO), Lwam Berhane (COO), Michael Mekonnen (CTO), and Kaland Getahun, Jemla has also earned a coveted spot in the Catalyst Jobtech Accelerator.

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