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Habtamu Tadesse: Serial Technology Entrepreneur

Habtamu Tadesse is the Founder and CEO of ZayRide, one of the pioneer ride-hailing platforms in Ethiopia, and ArifPay, Ethiopia’s first mobile point of sale system.

After completing his studies abroad, Habtamu returned to Ethiopia and was inspired to start ZayRide in 2016 as a way to digitize and revolutionize the taxi industry in Addis Ababa. Building on ZayRide's success in Addis, its services will further expand to regional cities in Ethiopia to create 2,000 vital jobs for the youth and women, in partnership with USAID.

Habtamu has since branched out to the fintech sector and founded Arifpay, which has raised $3.5 million dollars in a private placement round from 31 investors.

The platform is a mobile point of sale system which allows ATM cardholders to make electronic transactions via their smartphones. ArifPay has recently received its license from the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) and officially launched its operations through a partnership with Abay Bank.

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