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Fanuel Leul: Imagining a Futuristic Africa

Fanuel Leul is a multidisciplinary artist whose work often explores Afro-futurism by contrasting elements of African tradition with harmonious compositions of futuristic technology.

The juxtaposition of the two seemingly contrasting concepts has created a fascinating and unique theme that has garnered attention in the NFT community and beyond.

He also founded Qedamawi, a comic book reflection of the tales of Ethiopian patriots. The storytelling platform creatively fuses fantasy with the epic history of the African continent, which has appealed to many youth.

Fanuel's vision is to re-awaken and inspire other African artists so that we get to tell our stories in our own way. Though he earned a BFA from Alle School of Fine Arts at AAU, he considers himself a self-taught artist and has always been fascinated with the imaginary arts.

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