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Ethiopia's New Borderless Bank

Santym is a borderless bank that allows Ethiopians and Africans to open a USD bank account as well as a Bitcoin and Stablecoin wallet.

Santym customers are able to receive USD from 150 countries by Wire and ACH, as well as Bitcoin and Stablecoins. Santym also allows users to change their dollars to cryptocurrencies in the platform.

Users can open a business or personal account, allowing importers/exporters, travel agents, software developers, or anyone who does international business and/or needs access to a U.S. bank account with optional cryptocurrency integration.

The platform will also add new functionalities to include a Debit Card feature and interest-earning accounts with 4-12% APY. The startup is founded by two Ethiopian entrepreneurs, Mathias Abdissa and Yeabsra Hailu.

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