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Ethiopia’s First Sovereign Wealth Fund

Ethiopian Investment Holdings (EIH) has officially launched operations as the country's strategic investment arm, during a recent collaborative conference with its subsidiaries.

As the nation’s first sovereign wealth fund, EIH's mandate is to create wealth, attract investors and promote development goals by unlocking the commercial value of public assets and creating a co-investment platform. The fund will have an authorized capital of ETB 100 billion and be seeded with over 43 public enterprises across different sectors, including Ethiopian Airlines, CBE and Ethio Telecom, as well as significant landholdings.

Through professional oversight and international best practices, EIH aims to generate a positive risk-adjusted return and boost the economy. With EIH, Ethiopia joins two dozen other African countries that have established sovereign wealth funds.

Focused on building human capital, the organization is now working with local and international talent agencies to recruit individuals, ranging from young graduates to experienced personnel.

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