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Etan Comics: Ethiopia's First Superhero Comic

Etan Comics, pioneered by Beserat Debebe, is a celebrated Pan-African entertainment hub, renowned for crafting captivating comic and graphic novel narratives that are distinctly African.

Rooted in a mission to connect Black kids with their diverse African heritage, Etan Comics introduces them to a world rich with African history, mythology, and culture. Notably, the company introduced Ethiopia’s first superhero comic, “Jember”, along with other remarkable series such as “Hawi” and “Zufan”.

Globally available through renowned platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more, Etan Comics has been translated into 11 languages, enabling it to connect diverse audiences to the depth of African heritage with over 100,000 orders. Garnering international acclaim and nominations for Best Graphic Novel awards, the brand epitomizes the fusion of cultural legacy and innovative storytelling to empower young minds.

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