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Enabling Africa's Adoption of ELECTRIC VEHICLES

Powering Africa’s green revolution, EVChaja is leading the charge in transforming transportation by creating an extensive electric vehicle charging network across Kenya and beyond. EVChaja offers charging solutions for private EV owners, fleet operators, and the general public, aiming to drive the widespread adoption of electric vehicles across Africa.

Founded in 2020 by Iyadi Iyadi, the company emerged in response to the growing number of electric vehicle owners and the critical need to combat climate change through better infrastructure. Based in Nairobi, EVChaja not only supplies, installs, and maintains EV charging stations but also operates a comprehensive network accessible via an app that provides users with convenient charging locations and real-time updates.

The company is dedicated to making electric transportation widely accessible by situating chargers at highway rest stops and various urban and rural locales throughout Kenya. As staunch advocates for e-mobility, EVChaja is committed to fostering the industry’s growth, enhancing environmental sustainability, and positively impacting society. Firm in their belief that electric vehicles represent the future of transportation, EVChaja is pivotal in spearheading Kenya’s transition to clean energy, positioning itself as a key player in the global shift towards sustainable transport solutions.

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