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Empowering Ethiopian Women

As a woman owned apparel company established in 2016, women empowerment is at the core of the Gaber Wear brand. 👏🏾

With an 85% female staff, the company focuses on empowering women at all levels — from the women who sew their products to the women in management roles to the women who express themselves via their products. Gaber Wear specializes in providing customized and tailored garments to its customers and also produces reusable fabric facemasks for the public and PPE for healthcare workers.

After pursuing her degree and living in the United States for over a decade, Jennet finally decided to return home to Addis Ababa in an effort to venture beyond her degree and to what excited her the most — entrepreneurship. It had long been Jennet's intention to create “dignified employment, a safe space, and a place to acquire career-advancing skills” for women. And thus, Gaber Wear was born.

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