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E-Commerce Expansion to East Africa

As one of Ethiopia's fastest-growing e-commerce and delivery platforms, ZMall is set to become a major player in East Africa - starting with its current expansion to South Sudan and Somaliland.

A subsidiary of ETTA Solutions Plc, ZMall is a one-stop online shop that delivers everything from takeout and groceries to beauty products and flowers from retailers. Since its launch in 2019, ZMall has fulfilled 100,000 orders and transacted 50 million birr - and now reached a transaction volume of 1 million birr per week.

Founded by Temesgen Geberehiwot and Ambaye Michael Tesfay, the rapidly growing company works with over 180 businesses and showcases over 15,000 items in Addis Ababa alone. ZMall is further expanding to other regions of Ethiopia as well, including Hawassa, Bahir Dar, and Adama.

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