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Digital Gateway for Local Business

Berbera Market is an e-commerce platform on a mission to connect the best local brands and merchants to a new customer base.

What sets Berbera Market apart from other e-commerce platforms is that they incorporate the traditional ways of Ethiopian shopping for customers, allowing users to know stock status in real-time so they can simply make purchases in-person or online.

Another unique feature is their support for merchant community members, which includes a platform for vendors to manage inventory and sales remotely. Berbera Market’s focus is on local lifestyle, fashion labels and merchants as well as local creative businesses, with an objective to build their online presence and open up new markets for them.

With 45 vendors and counting, Berbera Market hopes to change Ethiopian digital engagement and expand the international reach of “made in Ethiopia” through their platform. The company was founded by Bereket Getnet (CEO), Haleluya Abebe (Vice CEO) and Michael Fasika (COO).

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