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Competing in the African Metaverse

Guzo was selected as a country partner for an African Metaverse Competition backed by Meta.

AR/VR Africa Metathon is an annual competition by Imisi 3D, an African Virtual Reality education platform that partnered with Meta for this year’s edition alongside 16 country partners, including Ethiopia.

The metaverse competition will take place in Ethiopia through Guzotech, which will host trainings, hackathon and bootcamp to produce the next XR engineers and enthusiasts. Applications close on November 16 this year and the program will run until April 2023.

Guzo Technologies, founded by Daniel Getachew, is one of the few local startups engaged in AR/VR content design, development, and implementation. Guzo developed an XR product called Guzo Map, an all-in-one photo and video virtual tour platform aiming to recreate Ethiopian historical sites virtually.

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