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Building Africa Sustainably

Kubik Inc. aims to remove millions of tons of plastic from the environment by turning them into low-carbon, affordable and durable buildings of the future.

From schools to clinics, homes to warehouses, Kubik is bringing environmental dignity to how countries grow and urbanize. An average Kubik product is  over 40% cheaper than regular building materials. At the same time, they are twice as strong and over 100 times more durable (plastic lasts 1000 years!).

The innovative company has recently raised $800k in pre-seed funding from investors and was selected as country winners for the Eastern Africa Startup Awards.

Co-founder Kidus Asfaw is an engineer and development practitioner who’s led product deployments in over 40 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and has worked for UNICEF, World Bank, Google, Accenture.

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